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Sports Medicine in Millville, New Jersey

Trust our experienced foot doctor in Millville, New Jersey, for expert sports medicine and treatment of any foot or skin conditions related to sports activities.
Running, Sports Medicine in Millville, NJ
With 26 bones and 33 joints in the human foot, many problems can occur, especially in athletes. Depending upon the sport you participate in, you may deal with a variety of skin, bone, or muscle problems that require treatment by a professional.

At Cumberland Foot and Ankle Center, our foot doctor and staff handle all types of conditions, including athletes foot, rashes, and eczema, as well as calluses, corns, and blisters. Poor shoe fit can aggravate other foot problems and result in irritation, which may require medical attention. In addition to specializing in the treatment of fractures and sprains of the ankle and feet, we also offer first aid for cuts and bruises of the foot.
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